Karting in Madrid

The exciting Madrid outdoor go karting event takes you to a 1km, pro championship track, with overtake-friendly wide straights and bends. This is one of Europe’s top outdoor karting venues, home of many national karting events held in Spain. You’ll feel the full cut and thrust as you jockey for position with your mates on the wide straights and bends.

You will have plenty of scope to get up to speed where one race to warm up and a second race to form the grid for the final third race. Get on the grid.
Off-track there are plenty of facilities for eating and drinking.

Formula Cero

Formula Cero Madrid

10 years of experience working with this model kart and engine gives them the confidence to know that both Formula Cero and your customers will be delighted with cars for many years, as they are developed considering a reliability which do not require many...
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Carlos Sainz Center

Carlos Sainz Center in Madrid

Here at the Carlos Sainz Center, pure sport and fun are guaranteed! We have the best indoor tracks in Europe. We also offer a new way of arranging meetings and original events for companies. Our facilities are from the best quality: Conventions, seminars, conferences, product launches.
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