Royal Palace Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid

National Heritage, as a public body responsible for the assets owned by the State which come from the legacy of the Spanish Crown in the Law 23/1982, of June 16, National Heritage, has as main purpose the fundamental support to the Head of state to the high representation that the Constitution and laws attribute to it, as well as the provision of citizens of the historical and artistic heritage which manages through its use for cultural, scientific and educational.

The diverse nature of the goods and compatibility of uses thereof makes the work of public service to which National Heritage should be broad and complex. This institution manages 16 Palaces, Monasteries and Convents Royals, who make up the network of Real Sites, which are home to more than 154,000 historical and artistic pieces from all disciplines (painting, sculpture, tapestries, clocks, jewelry, archives, libraries, musical instruments and furniture, among others) that they are an essential part of Spanish cultural heritage to be signed by the greatest artists of all time.

Added to this is an important natural heritage consists of historic gardens, forests and other natural areas, among them, reaching 22,000 hectares and are home to lots of wildlife. The Board of Directors of National Heritage is configured as a public law entity organically dependent on the Prime Minister.

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